What (and When) to Post on Facebook

The Importance of Social Media in Business
October 2, 2017

What (and When) to Post on Facebook

It can be tough being a social media manager responsible for maintaining a Facebook page for a business. You need to engage your fans, grow new ones, generate leads, increase web traffic, and manage your online customer service.

All this involves posting the right content at the right times. Easy, right?

What Can I Post on Facebook and When?

Posting promotional material day in, day out isn’t why your fans followed you in the first place. So, with this in mind, let’s look at some content you should post on Facebook and when.


Monday is the beginning of the working week and a time when your fans may be feeling like they need a tiny push. Here are three Monday Facebook posts you can try:

Cross promote with someone else in your niche. Team up with a company which provides a complimentary product or service and help each other. Whether you write an influencer roundup or just tag them in your post, this will help you to boost fans.

Share an expert tip. Monday is a day when your fans will be business focused so try sharing a tip from a business expert which solves a common problem or overcomes a challenge. The industry expert could even be YOU!

Monday motivation is needed. #MondayMotivation is an excellent hashtag to use today. Think about what motivates your fans. If you are in the financial services industry then it’s probably nice cars or holidays, if you’re in the fitness sector then it may be a great six pack but if you’re in the beauty sector then perhaps it’s excellent hair! Try something like this from the Motivation Monday Facebook page.


The Tuesday disposition of Facebook users does not change much from Monday. So what should you post?

Run a contest. If you’re able to run a brief contest then Tuesday is a good day to do it. This gives you three clear days for the competition to run and one day to announce the results.

Share a blog post. Tuesday is a good day to discuss a blog post but because of the lower engagement rates you may want to give it a boost before Thursday to maximize your reach. If you are sharing business news to Facebook, then make sure it hits the spot for your viewers.

Ask a question. Asking your followers a question on Tuesday can offer great content advertising fodder for the following week. Pick a subject and ask fans to comment with their questions. Next week you can answer them using Facebook Live or a prerecorded video. Here’s how StoryCorps crowdsources ideas through asking questions.


Here are some ideas to share on hump day.

Share some Wednesday wisdom. Wednesday makes you two more workdays wiser than Monday, so why not do a mid-week intellect sharing session? #WednesdayWisdom is a popular hashtag among thought leaders and business experts, so add your voice to the mix. Try sharing a quote from an influential person.

Mid-week news roundup. We’re halfway through the week so why not post a mid-week news roundup. This might be a roundup of what has been happening in your company, your business or any related news worldwide. This shows that you have got your finger on the pulse and also gives your fans an opportunity to participate in debate.


When Thursday rolls around, your fans are already thinking about the weekend ahead and workplace environments loosen up a bit. Thursdays are a wonderful time to show off the human side of your brand with trending hashtags #ThrowbackThursday and #ThankfulThursday.

Thankful Thursday. You can share the results of your most recent charity fundraiser, update fans on your ongoing CSR news or raise awareness for upcoming events. Why not thank your fans for their support of your page and brand?

Throwback Thursday. Another great trending hashtag which can really showcase your brand if you think about it. Share a photo of your office when it first opened, share an interview with your longest serving office employees or a narrative about your oldest products. Knowing there are real people behind your brand and that you have been established for quite a long time, will go a long way to building relationships and trust with your fans so be sure to give it a go.



Tap into the Friday good vibes on your Facebook page and make sure you keep your articles, links and stories happy and energetic. Here are some great ideas for Friday Facebook articles:

Share a coupon. The weekend is approaching and the mood is turning to shopping, relaxation and leisure. Friday is a good day to share a discount voucher with your fans that will then have the chance to purchase over the weekend. Bonus points if you include a time limit to your voucher or if you place it only after payday!

Consider a different contest. Contests work really well on Fridays so if you are announcing your winner or running a weekend contest, you are certain to see loads of engagement. Make certain to have your rules and terms ready earlier in the week to prevent a last-minute rush!

The Weekend

Wait. You didn’t mean him?

Weekends are all about relaxation, fun, traveling and eating so don’t post corporate updates on Saturday or Sunday. If you are in the leisure or food and drink industry then this is the time to shine!

In case you’ve got a physical business such as a store, restaurant or resort then make sure you take a lot of fan photos on the weekend (be sure to ask first!) Share photos of people playing in your pool, a yummy dish that you just prepared or that 50% sale which ends on Monday

Ran out of ideas? Don’t worry here is what to post.

At times, it can look like everything requires too much business and you just want something quick to post. I hear you. Here are some quick and easy things to post when you are out of ideas.

  • Pick a fun National day and post a photo of your team celebrating it.
  • Republish an old post with a new headline and fresh image then share it to your web page. Use the hashtag #ICYMI (in case you missed it)
  • Read your fan comments and questions and answer one of them
  • Share a glowing review or nice testimonial from a client. Perhaps you received it on G+ or Yelp… share it on Facebook too.
  • Ask your fans what they are doing, how they’re celebrating the upcoming holiday, what they thought of a recent piece of news and how they found your most recent product or video. Turn the content writing over to them for a day and relax

Keeping on Top of Your Content Strategy

It’s really important that you have a content plan because this can enable you to stay focused, prepare the essential content, pictures, and videos and have it all scheduled and ready to go.




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